Part 1: Dr. Cook Podcast Series with Jesse: March 26th 2020

Dr. Matthew Cook March 28, 2020 115 5

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“A slice of state of mind pie” with Jesse & Dr. Cook
Jesse shares with Dr. Cook and listeners her 5 steps (simple tools) to “chill out” that may help bring you back to your “rest and restore” state during these trying times.
She admits that this global, physical and mental health crisis will affect each and everyone one of us in different ways. She believes that now is the time to decide the state of mind that you would like to put yourself in.
Jesse speaks about the importance of being connected in some way, and suggests making a conscious decision to take an active role in who you want to be. Are you living in the here and now? Are you asking yourself, what can I do now or how deeply can I bury my head in the sand? She shares the importance of taking this opportunity to become an internal hero. Perhaps you find yourself asking, how can I contribute and move forward in a way that is helpful?
We hope you find these next 25 minutes and tips helpful for your state of mind.
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