Part 1: Dr. Cook Q&A Series: Richard Rossi & JJ Virgin: March 19th 2020

Dr. Matthew Cook March 19, 2020 465 63 4

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Tune in to our first Q&A with Richard Rossi, creator and host of The daVinci50 &  celebrity nutrition expert JJ Virgin . Hear Dr. Cook’s reaction to yesterday’s announcement by President Trump around the anti-malaria drug chloroquine as a potential coronavirus drug, among other discussion points.

About Richard Rossi:

Richard Rossi is the co-founder of two of the world’s largest and most prestigious enrichment programs for high achieving students. In 1986, he co-founded InVision EMI which became one of the country’s largest providers of live leadership and career exploration programs for high achieving students. They sold the InVision EMI in 2011 and Richard has since gone on to create a company that connects high-achieving kids with high achievers in the STEM fields. He also owns Davinci50, the highest-level live coaching program in the world on Superaging: biohacking our bodies for boundless energy and a dramatically extended life without disease, physical limitation, or mental decline.
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About JJ Virgin:

JJ Virgin CNS, CHFS, is the premiere voice of scientific reason in the world of nutrition and wellness. She is one of the nation’s foremost celebrity nutrition experts, public speaker and media personality.

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